iPhone 7 vs. Google Pixel?

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This October google launched two of its flagship mobile phones, Pixel and Pixel XL . They are part of new Google Pixel line and come with latest Android 7.1 Nougat. In India Pixel prices starts at Rs 57000 for its 32GB variant and Pixel XL at Rs 76000 for 128GB variant. These prices are at par with Apple’s new iPhone 7 which has huge customer base over the world. Since Samsung note 7 is discontinued  from the market because of it’s heating and exploding issues now it is clear battle of iPhone 7 vs. Google Pixel.

Now the question is , will people switch to Google from Apple? See in the features in which Pixel surpasses IPhone 7.

Camera Quality- DxOMark which is considered as a benchmark for Camera reviews has given a rating of 89 to Pixel as compared to 86 iPhone 7

VR Ready – Many people are ready hop on the much talked VR train. Google beats Apple in this section with huge margin.

Unlimited Storage – Now that’s something which everyone needs these days. Considering the increasing camera and video recording quality this is surely a big plus.

Battery – Pixel features 2770 mAH battery as compared to 1960 mAH by iPhone 7. Though Pixel has high power battery, only large number doesn’t decide the battery life.

Google Assistant – Initially it  was provided only in Allo messenger from Google but now it has incorporated in Latest OS in Pixel.

24X7 Live Customer Support – Google will provide direct help for your convenience and it will be 24X7.

Fast Charging – Pixel comes with super fast charging feature. With 15 minutes of charging battery lasts for 7 hours and charges to 70%.

Features in which iPhone 7 has Upper hand:

Water Resistance – iPhone 7 series is water resistant which a something very much important to have. Pixel is water and dust proof but it is not at par with iPhone feature.

3D Touch – This new feature in the iOS came with 6S and following devices. Surely not a big miss, but it would cause inconvenience if you are switching from iPhone

Dual Camera – Iphone 7 comes with dual camera which is really innovative.

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