‘Maharaja’ Saurav Ganguly’s Wittiest Comments


Saurav Ganguly was the first Indian captain to infuse a new confidence into the team. He was also one of our most colourful captains ever. His present stint as a TV commentator has been as eventful. Ganguly can really understate words and get his point across.

Let us first glance at a quote that reveals the Bengali in him. Here’s Saurav Ganguly talking about the match attendance:

“The attendance today is 7653. We have that attendance on Durga Puja.”

For the gifted left hander, Eden Gardens at Kolkata was his beloved home ground. The commentary team was talking about the looming Eden test. So Harsha Bhogle, cheerful as ever, asked Ganguly if Sachin Tendulkar will me more popular than him during the test. Ganguly gave a characteristic straight-faced answer:

“Yes, but only for those five days.”

MS Dhoni is famous for his creative field placements. He also puzzles game observers, opponents, and commentators due to his placements. Ganguly had some sage advice for Dhoni regarding this aspect of his captaincy:

“Once Dhoni retires, he should write a book on field placements.”

Put Saurav in a verbal duel and that is where he likes it best. After all he is from a football-loving state. That is why he puts it best when replying to fellow commentator and Englishman Naseer Hussain’s mocking comment, “When can I see India in FIFA World Cup?” Ganguly retorted:

“If India had played Football for 50 years, then we would have qualified for the finals at least once.”

That’s a classic Ganguly reply for you. As illustrious as his famous offside game.

Picking on your team mates is regular and fun, while playing and probably more fun post retirement. Ganguly picks on Rahul Dravid in this one:

“Rahul Dravid is upset because he has 2 runouts in a test match, although he has the most number of run outs.”

On the field or off it, there is never a dull moment with Saurav Ganguly around.

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