How common People can contribute to make Demonetization Implementation successful


On 8th of this month, Prime Minister of India Mr. Naredra Modi, made a historic announcement of discontinuing old Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes. The move is so critical that it is similar to changing the blood of the country. And if is not implemented properly, It can lead to a massive economic disaster. Even though many economic stalwarts have praised the move, they have also indicated about the negative side if we fail to implement demonetization properly.

Now it’s been almost 3 weeks of note ban and it has created some amount of panic among shop owners and small business vendors. Though many of these vendors have found a way through PayTM wallet, some people are still struggling since they are not familiar with such technical things.

Since successful implementation of demonetization can earn many good things to our nation, it’s our duty to support this move in every possible way. Though we are be busy with our own business we can support this move by doing following things

Awareness – There are many who are against this move either because they are affected hard by it or just because this decision is taken by BJP government. And you can see there are many Leaders from AAP, BSP, Congress, and NCP who are playing a victim card to oppose the move. Trinamul and AAP even united and called for BharatBandh on 28th Nov. Now since there are many who are illiterate and also those who get driven by the paid media, we should aware these guys about actual purpose and benefits of demonetization in long run.

Helping small vendors setup payment wallets – We can help small vendors around us to set up online payment wallet like PayTM and train them on how use it, they can continue with their business activity without getting affected

Social Media – We spend considerable time on social media and we can use some of this time to spread awareness about demonetization, benefits of cashless transaction and at the same time we can tackle the negative publicity which some people are doing.

If it is in interest of our nation, why he should do it alone!

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