One Day Trip to Visapur fort

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Malavli is a popular weekend destination for Punekars. Located enroute to Lonavala, Lohagad is the more popular of the two fort remains located at Malavli. But Visapur is the more mysterious, alluring of the two locations. Visapur is a good choice for trekking and camping. Its height and geography makes for a relatively easy trek.

Monsoon can be challenging time for a hike though. You must cut across a waterfall to reach the top. For a true-blue adventurer, this can be fun. Winters are the best time of the year.

There is a very good Pune-Mumbai highway road to drive up to Visapur. An early morning start by car or bike should get you to Visapur in less than an hour. You can also opt for the Lonavala Local train from Pune Station. There is a local train every hour between 4.45 am and 10 am. Malavli is the second-last stop, prior to Lonavala. A hour-long breezy and scenic train ride will get you there. Return trains to Pune are available every hour too. Just make sure you double check the train timetables, before you begin.

Irrespective of the commute, you will inevitably get past a railway crossing and an overhead bridge to Malavli. A kilometer ahead are some village stalls and a parking space. Bhaja Caves is a 15-minute mini uphill walk from here. To proceed to Visapur and Lohagad take the road that goes further uphill. Drive up this road cautiously, watch out for the steep turns. Post a 20-min drive, you will notice that the weather is cooler at the top. Now there are two forks in the road, the left leads to Visapur, right to Lohagad. You can park your vehicle, next to any of the villager’s food stalls. It would be wise to have a decent breakfast before starting the trek. Also, carry a bottled water each for every person.

Do be careful that you take the correct diversion to Visapur. If you miss the diversion, the path ahead runs through a forest area. In winter, leopard sightings have been reported in the forest areas of Malavli. Don’t panic though. The chances of encountering a leopard are minimal. There are a couple of ponds, great breeze, and scenery at Visapur. It is a good morning trek option. You can always take a 4-hour trek and then alight for lunch. At best, Visapur is a great season-opening trek alternative.

In short, this easy trek will definitely satiate your quench of trekking to some extent. Happy Trekking 😉

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