Plane carrying Brazillian Football Club Players Crashes in Columbia

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A plane carrying 72 people on board including Chapecoence football club team players and 9 crew members was crashed this morning near Columbian city Medlin. Surprisingly 6 people were reported as survivors. As per airport press release, electrical fault was communicated to the control tower.

Alan Ruschel, Danilo and journalist Rafael Henzel, three members may have survived, unconfirmed reports suggest.

The chartered plane with license number CP2933 was traveling from Bolivia to Medlin got crashed near area called ‘Cerro Gordo’ which is about 50 Km from the Medlin allegedly because of electrical fault.

Chapecoence which is a Brazilian football club was supposed to play against ‘Atletico Nacional’ of Colombia on Wednesday for the South American Cup finals. After the incidence The South American Football Confederation (Conmebol) has suspended all further activities.

As per the local news site, La Unión’s fire chief has said that accident site has at least 10 people which were being tended. After the incidence a state of emergency has been declared and two Columbian airforce helicopters were deployed for search operation.

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