Sachin Tendulkar’s Charity work, don’t get amazed after reading!


On the eve of Sachin Tendulkar’s impending retirement from all forms of Cricket, a genuine concern was raised by Tendulkar’s wife Anjali. Cricket is life for Sachin, she had said. What would he do without it? She also mentioned a funny anecdote of Tendulkar’s worrying about cobwebs, while at home between seasons.

A major part of Sachin Tendulkar’s pre and post retirement time has been spent on charity. Tendulkar has characteristically kept a low profile about it. To start with, Sachin sponsors over 200 underprivileged children for a Mumbai-based NGO. This includes providing for education, clothing and other essentials. He has also raised crores for cancer treatment, by signing bats and auctioning memorabilia.

On a television-sponsored fundraising event for NDTV, Tendulkar helped raise a mammoth 7 Cr for schools. He is a familiar face in several social campaigns. Be it for hygiene, polio eradication, environment issues and water conservation, Tendulkar does these campaigns for free.

On a socially responsible note, Tendulkar doesn’t endorse any smoking or alcohol commercials. He has made his celebrity status count at countless eye donations camps too. National calamities and disasters have also received Sachin’s monetary aid. At the time of chaos and tragedy, Tendulkar’s helping hand has offered support and comfort. Recently, he helped drought-affected farmers of Marathwada get back on their feet. He helped with power supply, irrigation facilities, roads, safe drinking water and related infrastructure.

Sachin Tendulkar has no issues with nostalgia, especially if it for a good cause. Several of Sachin’s beloved bats and related memorabilia have been auctioned. This has often helping raise record amounts at fundraisers. Placing his 100th century bat for auction is a prime example of Sachin’s selfless nature.

Sachin Tendulkar is not merely a legend. He is good human being. While his cricketing days are done, his off the field actions continue to inspire us. Here’s applauding a true sporting hero and a legendary icon.

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