I Support Building A Grand Shivaji Maharaj Statue in Arabian Sea, Do you?

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Some people say why waste taxpayers money on this, some say we better utilise these funds to preserve the forts which were build by Maharaj. Then few argue that it is only a political move, and part of them would say Maharashtra is most debt written state and this statue is useless.

Among all these negativity, did anyone, for a moment thought that it also has positive side and in long run this can show incremental returns.

There will always be a segment of people who would oppose new projects. And doesn’t matter if projects are some advance technology projects like “Bullet train”, “Nuclear Power Project” or social cause projects like “Swachh Bharat”. Every time they would cry about poverty, farmer issues or some irrelevant issues.

In reality it cannot happen that we can completely eradicate poverty and then start investing on such projects. America which is considered to be a super power today also has issues like poverty, unemployment, some people there are still homeless. Tackling the current issue and focusing on future grown has to go hand in hand. The statue of Liberty which is very famous tourist attraction was built when America was not the leader. Though it was gifted by France, expected maintenance cost was huge.

Though we understand that this is not technology project, but it is very closely related to people’s emotion. Chhatrapati Shivaji is an idol not only for Maharashtrian’s but for the whole country. History tells about his good governance schemes. He never gave importance to caste and religions. He was born in well to do family and could have easily spent his life in luxury without so many risks he took to build a Swarajya. But he chose to oppose the then cruel emperors and established an Ideal empire in which everybody has a right for justice.

Vietnam is a very tiny country in front of America. When America started war with Vietnam they thought it would be over in few days. But can you believe Vietnam who adopted guerrilla war tactics invented by Chhatrapati Shivaji survived war which lasted almost 20 years.

If we are creating a Memorial of such a huge Personality, it is bound to happen that it will be very famous tourist attraction for International travellers. And tourist can act as catalyst to create many jobs for the locals. Be it a jetty and boat transportation, foods stalls, hotel and guesthouses stays. It would surely boost an employment for locals people.

Key points of the Master plan:

  • Complete plan is spread over 15.96 hector area in the Arabian Sea in Mumbai.
  • The Memorial would be 190 meter statue of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj which will be taller than Statue of Liberty
  • Also has an amphitheatre (capacity of 500) and auditoriums (capacity of 2000)
  • The project will have an exhibition gallery.
  • Project plan also has an art museum (4000 sq. meter.)
  • A world class Aquarium would also accompany the memorial
  • The project would also include a library based on information on Shivaji Maharaj’s life.
  • The statue is said to have viewing galleries
  • The master plan also includes jetties, helipads, sea wall and breakwaters.
  • Egis India company would be responsible for management consultancy services

A decision should not be taken only considering monetary returns; emotions, pride and satisfaction of people are definitely beyond that!

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