Thanksgiving has two histories, good one and bad one

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Thanksgiving Day is mainly celebrated in United States and Canada. It is a national holiday in both the countries but they celebrate it on different time. In Canada it is the Second Monday of October and in US it is the Fourth Thursday of November.

Many people believe that it is a celebration of Harvest season similar to Makarsankranti in Maharashtra; Lohri in Punjab; Pongal in Tamilnadu and Makara Vilakku in Kerala.

People in US and Canada prefer to celebrate Thanksgiving holiday with their family and friends and that is the reason, the day before Thanksgiving and after it are the busiest days for travel in the year.

The main part about the day is ‘Thanksgiving Dinner’ which holds remarkable importance since it is considered as most important meal of the year. People spend hours in the Kitchen for preparing sumptuous dishes. And main attraction of the dinner is Roasted Turkey, Sweet and Roast potatoes, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole and many more.

You would be amazed to see the stats about the Dinner. Almost 88% people is US eat turkeys on Thanksgivings as compared to 65% on Christmas day. And if you could believe, 1/6th of the turkey sold in US is consumed in this festive season.

Thanksgiving also has a horror side and few people believe that on this day European Invaders massacred 700 native Americans. And these were the same people who were innocent and who actually greeted European Invaders with warm hospitality.

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