Sex is Natural, Sexuality is Not- Osho


Sex is Natural, Sexuality is Not- Osho. He was born Chandra Mohan Jain, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh or more popularly, Osho (1931-1990). After all, Osho was one of the most enigmatic and mercurial personalities of the last century. His talks on sex, love, greed and human life have immense impact on people the world over. As Osho had remarked once, you can hate me or love me, but not ignore me.

There is still an Osho that we do not know about. One interesting aspect is about his ‘enlightenment’. How did it occur, can another person experience it too? Osho does say, the first thing he did after enlightenment was laugh. Osho’s summing up of his goal for humans is seldom mentioned. He just wanted to help ordinary people live their lives joyously, dancing, in celebration.

Here is another fact they few people know. For almost three decades, Osho tried to elevate the poor through mediation techniques. It is then he realized that the poor are concerned about finding their next meal. They are not yet ready for peace, calm and joy. It is the rich, Osho mentions, who have experienced life in all its colours. Only the rich, or one experienced in life can be open to new ideas. This is considered a prime reason for his moving to US in 1981.

Osho owned a large fleet of disciples-gifted Rolls Royces. He lived in luxury and found nothing wrong in doing so. He also openly mocked and made jokes on all religions. In one of his many interviews, Osho spoke on how the time for family and marriage is over. It is time for new ways, Osho said, for a new man and woman.Most people found Osho’s ideas repulsive and dangerous.

Osho’s death in 1990 is considered a mystery too. Rumours suggest that Osho was deliberately exposed to radioactive substances in the US. His sudden death in India is believed to be a consequence of the exposure.

Loathe him or love him, Osho’s ideas continue to echo and provoke fellow humans.

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