Punekar going to kerala For Vacations? Don’t miss Varkala

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Before we proceed to Varkala, here’s an insight to Kerala. Early December to February end is probably the best time to visit Kerala. You wouldn’t be hounded by Kerala’s infamous humidity as much during this time. The Pune traveler can discard their sweaters though. Unless you are visiting Munnar, Periyar or parts of Wayanad, winter is at most, a 2-hour early morning season for most of Kerala.

South Kerala is for the by the book traveler. North Kerala is less touristy. As a traveler, what you need is a good plan, cut according to your travel tastes. Preliminary research is essential.

Kerala Travel Advice

Trains and flights to Kerala are best recommended for a Pune traveler. Taxi rides across Kerala can cost you a lot. Instead, we recommend booking local trains for traveling within Kerala.  This will save you on travel time, expenses and fatigue. If you are planning a week-long trip, skip Munnar and Periyar. Both are distant places with marathon traveling time. They are worth visiting individually.

Expert travel recommendations: Alight at Trivandrum and stay over at Varkala, go house boating at Vembanad Lake, end with a safari at Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary.

Staying at Varkala Beach

Varkala is among South Kerala’s coastline treasures. Located about 30 kms from Trivandrum, the beach view is staggering from its high cliff length. Though commercialization has taken a toll, Varkala is still worth it.

Endless line of hotels, restaurants and shops adorn the cliff. The atmosphere is undeniable. Foreign tourists love to camp here, for a month or more. Day time can be spent at the beach, afternoons are best for a long, sumptuous lunch. It’s warm enough for a beer here, even in December. Evenings are soothing with Bob Marley songs playing non-stop at most restaurants.

For the budget traveler looking for calm, here is a fellow traveler’s advice. Book a hotel away from Varkala – that it is barely a 20-min walk away. The beach beside Varkala is solitary, most of the time. This is great for honeymooners and peaceful travelers. Search for a reasonably priced Indian cuisine restaurant. There are a few of them at Varkala.

Disappointingly, there are no fun activities at Varkala. No motorboats, no jeep-attached paragliding. You may take a dip and sunbath, but for how long? Foreigners do surf a lot, though the waves are barely high. Yet, despite its touristy sheen, Varkala has in it a 2-day stay over potential. There is something about the beach, cliff and the sun beating down. You may be charmed and plan a longer stay. If you love a moderate crowd and community feel, this is it. Among the many hyped Kerala beaches, Varkala is your best bet.

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