Why these Indian banks deserves applause!

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Yes, you might feel bit jealous if you learn about the initiatives by these Indian public sector banks. The busy MG road in Bengaluru as usual had many pedestrians on last Sunday evening. And there comes a surprise of Canara bank mobile ATMs, when people are in immense need of cash for their day to day transaction. Cash scarcity has struck them hard due to a bold and game changing move of demonetisation by current government. The happiness on their face was priceless.Around 5.30 pm a blue van came as a surprise to many and people who could use the ATM were more than happy since they need not had to stand in a queue like others.

RBI is yet to pump new Rs 2000 and Rs 500 denominations through ATMs. The reason this is getting delayed is because these new notes are not compatible to existing ATMs and some extra configurations has to be made which is taking time. ICICI bank becomes the first bank which has successfully configured their ATM which is capable of dispensing Rs 2000 note. Currently ATMs are dispensing only Rs 100 note, and that is the reason bank could fill lesser amount to causing ATMs to run out of cash within an hour or two.

Punjab National Bank followed the same move; their ATM van provided the service near Pragati Maidan in Delhi. Last Saturday also in order to help the family members of patients in AIIMS Delhi; PNB had parked a mobile ATM near AIIMS.
Bank are going out of their way to come up with innovative solutions and provide continuous services to their customers. Such moves will not only earn them new customers but goodwill as well. India needs many of such initiatives.
Kudos to Canara and PNB!

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